When you Rock and he Rolls

Any relationship is going to have it’s areas of uneven ground… and that special close relationship is not going to be any different.

Take husband and I.

We spent five years actively hating and annoying each other before we got married.

We live together, raise kids together, and, well, there’s NO WAY we will work together.

We are both always right – and we both always do things in a very different way. (At least HE thinks we are both always right! I know that one of us is always wrong – know what I mean girls?)

So how are we different?

I have an idea, jump into it, flap about, make loads of mistakes and (in a rare moment of honesty here) it’s not very tidy.

He has an idea, thinks, writes, analyses, pros, cons, lists and if it seems ok he will tentatively put a foot in the water.

Our two boys are the same.

Eldest is thoughtful, careful, steady.

Youngest is mad as a box of frogs on caffeine.

I put them both on a giant swing recently, and one yelled to slow down, and the other yelled to speed up.

The point here

Is that for years we have been able to buy giant garden swings, a suspended sofa with room for 2 or 3.

The thing is, what speed do you rock at?

Who gets control of the motion and who gets frustrated?

At last, there appears a new style of swing seat that solves this, while still allowing you to appear to be in close proximity and harmony with each other.

To read a review of one such item, click the link below. Not only is this a particularly useful swing seat, it’s also a rather stunning shade of burgundy.

So next time you want to rock and he wants to roll – you can… providing that he knows deep down that rock is the only right way to go.

I’m now off to split up the boys as they argue the best way to hang up their coats…

Bye for now


Pair of Garden Swing Seats on Single Frame

This is an unusual pair of garden swing seats on single frame. Supplied in a gorgeous burgundy color, with matching frilled canopies, it is both practical and beautiful…

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