Top 5 Things to Think About When Choosing Patio Dining Chairs

Outdoor dining set chairs come in any type, any shape and any fabric – but what else should you be aware of when choosing your chairs. Here’s my top five tips list.

1. Do you want to sit still or do you want to rock ‘n’ roll or are you just a fidget at heart?

If the answer is yes to any or all of these then you might want to consider a dining set with swivel and/or rocking chairs.

These are perfect for either dining at the table in luxurious comfort, or for relaxing afterwards – being able to change your view from the dinner table to that glorious sunset behind you without having to expend too much energy shifting the furniture around. Some dining sets have all swivel chairs, whereas some have only two.

2. Do you tend to sit up properly like you were taught as a child or do you like to chill out and lay back?

The height of the chair back varies on dining sets. If you are more into a lazed seating position with somewhere to rest your head, then a high-backed chair would be the best option.

After all, we all need somewhere to rest our head when we deservedly nod off in the evening sunshine after an enjoyable meal.

3. Gone are the days of dining chairs without arm-rests – at least as far as outside eating goes.

So this isn’t really a choice option, except to think about the shape of them and how high they appear to be.

And if you are in doubt about the arm-rest thing, let me assure you that it’s one of those things where you don’t know how good it can be to rest your elbows mid-meal until you’ve tried it.

4. Once upon a time we all sat on the chair – be it wooden or cast iron, and we all got a numb posterior. Nowadays you have the option of cushions.

If your preferred dining set chairs have cushions then it’s worth looking into how deep and supporting they are. There’s little to no benefit in having floppy thin cushions but that doesn’t stop people from selling them!

Also check that the cushions are shower-proof and that the filling will dry quickly.

Cushions are not a major problem though, as you can always buy something that you like better as a separate purchase.

5. Your dining set chairs are great during the summer months, but when you want to store them – do they fold or stack?

I guess this depends on where you are going to store them and the size of the storage space.

As only a handful of patio dining chairs are designed to fold nowadays, and only selected designs will stack, then purchase of an all-weather cover for your dining set (table and chairs) will probably be a more viable option.

Other things…

As to chair size, most vendors provide the dimensions of the chairs in the item descriptions. And although we don’t want to mention it too loudly, they should also give a maximum weight they will support as well.

Have fun choosing.


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