That Tune Just gets Under your Skin

Do you ever find yourself stuck with a tune going round and round in your head?

Don’t know why I asked, really, because I know you do.

And it’s usually one of the following.

The last song you hear before you leave the house;

The annoying one off an advert;

The one your husband sings in the shower;

The one where someone says a word and your crazy brain finds out a song that has that word in it and… you’re doomed.

The worst thing is…

It’s always, without fail, the worst song ever.

Nothing that you would actually ever confess to liking.

And it just




I’ve been looking at garden chairs, and in particular swing seats and rocking chairs a lot the last few days. Whenever I see this type of wooden chair, photographed on a veranda or porch, I gets me to a singing a song. I think I might have mentioned it to you before.

Fortunately, I actually quite like the song. And in all honesty, I wouldn’t mind if it was a statement of fact rather than just words from a song.

“I’ll live in luxury there, with my old fashioned chair, and my old fashioned millionaire.”

Here follows another review, this time of a swinging bench seat.

“If you are like me then you can get tired of all the modern metal and polyester fabric garden furniture. Sometimes, you just need a bit of wood and craftsmanship to get you back in touch with your spiritual and natural roots. This wooden swing bench might not be completely ‘artisan’ as it is sort of mass produced, but it does bring a touch of old-fashioned gorgeousness to your garden.”

And it will suit my millionaire very nicely.

I’m now off to listen to some music to try and drown out my ‘tune’. Anything will do as long as it’s not ‘Wheels on the Bus’. Oh drat it… why did I go and say that!

Bye for now


2 Person Rustic Pine Garden Swing Seat

If you want well-crafted, natural wooden furniture in your outdoor space, then this two person rustic pine garden swing seat is ideal…

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