Ten Green Bottles Went to Mow a Meadow

There are certain songs that become ingrained in your head at different times – perhaps acting as theme tunes to the stages of life.

I’m currently at that glorious stage of life where my theme tune is either Wheels on the bus or Ten Green Bottles.


Sheer, true joy.

Could be worse I suppose – with my elder son it was ‘Ten men went to mow, went to mow a meadow’.

Once, on a very long car journey, we sang down the song from ‘fifty’ to ‘one’ man and his dog. As home came into view, I breathed a sigh of relief whilst trying to control the twitch in my left eye which had started several miles back at 24 men and his dog.

Our timing was perfect – we had reached the last man. The song was, forever as far as I was concerned, finished.


I’d shoot that darn dog if I had to, and burn that meadow…

“Go on, go on”, shouts he.

“Everyone has gone darling. There’s no-one left.” replies I while resisting the urge to bang my head on the steering wheel.

“But what about Adam?” asked he

“Who the… I mean, who is Adam, darling?” grimaced I as I swung the car over-enthusiastically into the drive causing him to swerve in his car seat.

And then he explained to me in his sweetest voice as his head rattled against the car seat padding.

“Silly Mummy, Adam is the man who looks after the dog. You know, ‘One man, Adam’s dog’.”

And so he was allowed to sing it again – but not for a day or two.


Number two son is obsessed by buses and the idea of bottles smashing as they fall from a wall.

I rather like all things glass, color and sound so imagine my delight at finding wind-chimes made from empty wine bottles in all different colors. A creative and artistic idea for the person who has everything. Just imagine the look on their face when you turn up with an empty wine bottle.

Anyways, here’s the button to find out more.

I’m now off to listen to something loud and crazy while I work out how I can blow up that bus as it goes round and round and round and…

Bye for now


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