Sweet, Sweet Caroline

Shopping day… ug.

My preferred time to shop is either late at night or early morning to avoid everyone else doing their shopping. Then I don’t get trolley-ed into, basket-whip on my knee or grunts as people stretch past me. And then there’s the whole ‘let’s block the aisle while we have a chat’ gang and the tut-tutting people because my toddler made a sound or opened a shelf or.. exists!

Other shoppers might be a pain… but oh my word…

the music.

PLEASE do something about the music. Playing music with an aggressive beat encourages people to be – aggressive. Well fancy that!!!

Today really demonstrated the power of the background music as I wandered innocently into my grocery store, all wound up, sleeves rolled up and ready to do battle.

Instantly, there was a difference. The music was jolly, light, easy on the ear and familiar. As I ambled up aisle one, I past an old lady who was humming along and I suddenly worked out what I was listening to.

Sweet Caroline, oh oh ohhhh.

As the introduction verse finished I resisted the urge to get ready, pub-style, to join in the chorus. Here it comes… Sweet Caroline… and then from over in aisle 3 or 4 came a loud, happy, whistle ‘toot, toot, toooot’. And I smiled.

In aisle two the old gentleman inspecting the light bulbs while I hunted for the cat food was tapping his foot. Round the corner in the bread aisle the staff were dum, dum, dumming along while one swayed an empty box in time to the beat.

At last I reached the checkout, having had lots of excuse me’s, thank you’s, please’s, smile’s, from the customers… all were either tapping feet, nodding heads or swaying hips and baskets to the tune. I smiled. I grinned. I managed to muffle an outbreak of laughter.

How jolly. How happy. How thoroughly pleasant – the atmosphere in that shop, not just the music.

Got me thinking.

I kept breaking out into grins for the rest of the morning as I remembered the spontaneous and subtly British, understated flash-mob.

If you are going to have music playing when you have friends or guests then the music you choose on your playlist is really important. Do you want people erupting into arguments or song???

If you want to have some outside music above your dining table, then this below is a really cool gadget – from my 10 Accessories Review.


8. Umbrella Light and Bluetooth Speaker System

When you are dining outside, it’s nice to have background lighting and music. This accessory provides both by clipping onto the top of your umbrella / parasol pole, or any other convenient pole or post nearby.

Looking a bit like a UFO, this system consists of a circular 8 inch diameter speaker system with 8 LED lights. The stereo is blue-tooth so will play any of your selected music from a blue-tooth device. The LEDs provide a powerful light source which will brighten your table to full effect – perfect for those outdoor late night card games but not, perhaps, for something a little more intimate.

It attaches to the umbrella pole so will be centrally located at your table, or you can attach it to most surfaces using the straps provided. It is said to be splash resistant so will be ok if outdoors in a storm, although it is best kept inside when not in use.

This is probably my ‘favorite’ of all the accessories I have chosen. Bright lights and music playing – just like being indoors only outdoors… and all the while feeling like you are sat under an incoming UFO!


I’m now off to continue humming ba do do dooo and having totally unprovoked giggles.

Bye for now


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