Sweet Smelling Rose

On one of my walks around and about town earlier this week, I spotted this beauty of a rose.

I asked the chap who was mowing his lawn about it (the lawn the rose was in not some random lawn-mowing man from down the street!!!) and he said that he had no idea where he got the rose or what it was called. He just shoved it into the ground and hoped it would grow. He dead-headed it occasionally and would give it a squirt of bug killer if it needed it. Other than that, this rose has thrived on neglect!

This is definitely my style of gardening. You are a plant. You are designed to grow so just do it already and don’t expect much from me in return…

Anyhows, this rose is an absolute beauty but… I then had to go for the full rose test. What did it smell like?

It Smelled of Nothing.

Not good, not bad, not over-powering, not anything at all. Plain flat lack of scent altogether. Highly disappointing.

We then went on to discuss the fact that it appeared to be the case that a rose was bred to be a stunner to look at but failed on the scent factory, or else it looked dull, plain and boring but had a scent you could dance upon. That would twirl around your body, intoxicate your senses and you feel like you are flying or drifting upon the aroma. (And they never capture that in any perfume I know).

Sadly, this rose was a beauty to behold but a bit of a disappointment in terms of smell.

For me, I find that scent is actually a very provoking and interesting sense. It evokes memories, behaviors and feelings (walk past any bakery and tell me you didn’t droll!) So a rose without a scent is, to me, pretty but not going to be taking up my valuable garden space any time soon. Unlike the one outside my bedroom window when I was a teenager.

I was given a patch of the garden, which was beneath my bedroom window, to plant with what I chose. Year upon year it was filled to the brim with cascades of petunias of every color and style except for one solitary rose bush.

I think it was called Masquerade. It was amazingly pretty but also incredibly powerful and gorgeous in scent. Rich, sweet, floral. You know the kind of thing. Well, I cared for it a bit like my lawn-mowing chappie above – which means I didn’t. Despite which it grew, meandering, until it completely circled my bedroom window. I loved that room in summer. Oh boy – the sweet intoxicating fumes. (If nothing else it masked out the smell of my brother’s after-shave from across the hall!)

So, scent is a big thing to me, which is why I included a particular dining set in my top ten – because, according to the reviews and a bit of research, the scent of the acacia wood is rather nice. Here’s the extract.


Bowman Wood Picnic Table with Bench Seats

This functional and stylish table and bench set is the ideal center of outdoor entertainment for a fast-paced, modern family. Whether you are into outdoor family dining or just grabbing a few moments of time to chill together, this practical and subtly designed wooden table and bench set provides an intimate backdrop to your family life-on-the-go.

This dining table and bench set is by Bowman. This is a traditional looking wooden table with two benches design, but when you look at it closely it is a very stylish and well-constructed dining set – not your typical ‘park picnic table’.

The set comprises a rectangular wooden table 71” by 35.5” in size. The top of the table is constructed from smooth acacia hardwood planks, stained with a rustic finish. The legs to the table are metal constructed in a simple ‘A’-frame with structural supports. The table does not have a hole for a parasol or umbrella, but being of wooden construction you could drill one if so required.

The two benches are made from the same acacia wood as the table. They are 63” x 14.5”. Each bench can easily seat three adults. Again, the legs are of metal and these are attached to the bench seat by hinges. These are folded down and bolted into place before use. You could unbolt them to fold the benches back up for storage during winter. When not in use the benches do not completely fit under the table, so if you have limited space this could be an issue.

There is adequate room at either end of the table to place additional chairs. However, you may find that the table supports will get in the way of your legs.

The set is said to be weather resistant and has been treated. However, instructions also say that the table may fade in prolonged sunshine. As with most wooden items, it is probably best to store them undercover during winter periods, and to treat them with a fresh coat of stain annually.

This set does require some construction, but is not difficult to erect.


I’m now off to have bacon sandwiches on freshly baked bread – sensory over-load or what?

Bye for now


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