Selling a Dream

I have realized it’s all a con. Garden furniture is sold by selling a dream. A make believe.

Now I may not have bought the furniture but I know that I’ve bought into the dream. And you know what? I’m glad I have.

Let me explain…

I recently spotted a wonderful looking swing chair thing for sale and the picture looked amazing. Lady relaxing, reading, chilling. Living the life of blissful peace. And then I gets a thinking…

If I had one (and it is now number 1 on my Birthday present list) then when would I actually use it? When would I chill out, relax, enjoy the tranquil beauty of being at one with the world of being busy doing nothing?

I kept thinking about this for sometime – and just to be fair I got husband to think about it too.

While I did the school runs, charged around the shops, fought with the vacuum cleaner and burnt the dinner… still thinking.

While he did the work commute, tried to get the printer to work, diplomatically (!!!) discussed time-keeping with his staff… still thinking.

While I washed up the dinner stuff, fought the toddler over the bed time routine, helped elder son with homework, kicked the cat, walked the dog… still thinking.

While he zoomed from meeting to meeting, did the work commute, ate dinner while answering emails, did tomorrow’s to-do list… still thinking.

While I ironed, sorted out lunches… still thinking.

While he planned, programmed and cost analysed… still thinking.

While we both fell asleep on the sofa with a coffee going cold on the table… run out of thinking.

I know we aren’t alone.

Life seems so crazy busy with all the things to do. With the pressures. With the deadlines. With expectations.

Can’t seem to fit in a comfy peaceful do-nothing chair – even if it does swing and is a gorgeous shade of blue.

BUT I’m going to get one anyway.

So that every time I look at it, it will say… STOP being so busy. Come and chill, if only for five minutes because, after all, life is for living not striving.

And if you want one too… the link to my review is at the bottom of the page.

I’m now off to pack tomorrow’s school bags. On second thoughts stuff that, I’m going to start reading that book I bought 4 months ago.

Bye for now


1 Person Garden Swing Chair and Support Frame

If sophistication and the utmost of comfort is required when you are enjoying some ‘me’ time, then this 1 person garden swing chair and support frame is a must-have item…

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