Recycled Plastic Porch Swing

I have just spent a pleasant three nights decorating my 11 year old son’s bedroom while he was away with my parents.

We did warn him that this would happen so it wasn’t a huge surprise when he got home, and we even told him what color we were using. Although maybe we missed a chance there…

“Hey son, welcome home – look I’ve painted your room. You do like pink don’t you?”

Mind you he’s so laid back that he wouldn’t have reacted too much. Especially as anything is better than the purple he’s been living with since we moved here 5 years ago.

“Don’t worry son – we’ll be moving soon. This is just a short term let…”

I’m always confused by the whole decorating thing.

Should paint last forever or should it be a frequent expenditure?

Stuff fashion here – I’m on about practical “does it look clean, has it gone off” standards.

I once bought a flat where it was dictated in the owner’s deeds as to how often to paint the walls and how often the woodwork. Really? Like you are going to check are you?

The painting I don’t mind but the pre-work. Oh golly. That’s a Chore.

Cleaning, wiping, sanding, wiping again…

It’s a bit like it sometimes feels when you are looking after your garden furniture. Not that I’d know as I let mine deteriorate to natural weathered look. But apparently, you can keep it looking just bought new by annual cleaning, wiping, sanding, staining, polishing, wiping, washing, painting…

Unless, of course, you get a plastic piece of garden furniture with a 12 year warranty. All you do with that is give it a wipe now and again and problem solved.

A bit like the garden swing bench in the review below. Simple. Easy. Attractive and durable. What’s not to love.

Anyways, I’m now off to find out how long the paint on the rest of the house will last for. Or I could look for somewhere else to live. hmmm.

Bye for now


Recycled Plastic Porch Swing in Gray Wood Effect

This recycled plastic porch swing in gray wood effect is a fun, colorful and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional wooden bench…

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