Portable Patio Dining Table with Folding Frame

Everyone loves a garden party.

The burning smell of sausages cooking on the BBQ, the scream of kids charging around the garden, the sight of Grandma getting tipsy on the chilled wine, the dog running off with the half cooked chicken pieces.

Ahh! Bliss!

Everything would be great if only you had a table to put all the food onto.

You thought about using the table from the house only it’s too heavy to drag around… So here you are instead – hosting the most perfect garden party your neighborhood has known for a decade – and everyone is juggling their plates on their laps while trying to pass around the serving dish of salad.

What you need is a light weight portable patio table…

  • The table is made to fold in half, with the legs tucked away inside, creating an easy to carry, and store, portable dining table
  • The top surface is tough and resilient white plastic – easy to keep clean and hygienic.
  • The folding leg frame is made from a sturdy, rust resistant, steel structure and stands firm while the table is open and in use.
  • Open table surface is 72″ long and 30″ wide providing ample room for setting out your serving dishes, or for 4 – 6 people to dine from.

For those times when you could just do with that little extra table space, inside or outside of the home, this table is a perfect buy. Click on the red button to get yours now.

Also comes in very useful over the Christmas holiday season when you get those extra unwanted, I mean, unexpected guests!

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