Perfect Swimming Weather

It’s been a soggy old wet day here today. “Great weather for ducks” is how my Gran would refer to it (although ducks actually hate the rain).

Anyways, as far as I am concerned, a day like today is perfect weather for an outdoor swim – whether in a pool, river or the sea.


I mean it.

If you’ve not tried it then go for it. The only snag is getting dry afterwards – but then that’s a hassle whatever the weather.

I discovered this kind of swimming on one of my extended holidays with my Aunt. About three miles from her house was a neglected outdoor swimming pool – filled with echoes of days of yore. From the wooden changing rooms with the creaky warped doors to the rusty steps into the pool. To the seating area for spectators on benches beneath an ornately designed wooden veranda and the fancy tiled mosaics on the bottom of the pool.

The pool wasn’t very big or very deep and was a simple rectangle, surrounded by the wooden veranda. There were no showers or any modern feature. It was a pool for swimming in and that was all it provided for.

I say ‘was’ because only a couple of years later the future moved in and so did the bull-dozers. Bye bye piece of history. Hello housing estate.

Progress? Humpf?

I digress…

This particular year, my Aunt and I discovered the pool and visited every day over a couple of weeks. We usually had it all to ourselves, except one day a Scottish family joined us.

It was a bleak and miserable day, but the sun was valiantly holding back the clouds. The family of four were jumping, splashing and doing all things pool-like, whilst someone older, I think a grandparent, was walking up and down poolside all the time talking, commanding, shouting… She sounded like she was reading out the pool safety instruction leaflet.

Stop splashing!

Walk, don’t run!

Don’t jump!


I think we all know the type!

Suddenly, the sun gave up the fight and the rain started. Slowly at first but soon it started to bounce onto the pool’s surface and rattle upon the wooden veranda. It was wonderful fun, swimming and jumping and getting the rain in your face and then going under the water again. Listening to the pitter-patter, watching the rain drops and ripples. The family was enjoying it too until, above the din of the rain storm and distant rolling thunder was heard a shrill, Scotch, old woman’s voice…

“Get out. Get out now! You’ll all be a getting wet.”


If you want a seating area near a pool then it will, probably, at some time get a little damp or even wet, as the wet swimmers sit to eat / drink. Never mind the occasional splashing. You won’t be wanting to spend a fortune on any poolside furniture and yet you might desire more than cheap and nasty.

I found a compromise.

And it’s included below in an extract from my review article – 10 Best Outdoor Patio, Garden or Terrace Dining Sets for 2017 – for a simple, affordable, poolside dining table set – with a bit of class thrown in!


Four Seat 6-Piece Folding Patio Dining Furniture Set

Whether you are chilling by the pool or diving into a good book while catching a few rays, this table and chair set is perfect for grabbing a light lunch and enjoying the day. The design is practical and under-stated. A perfect table and chair set for those days when the focus of your outdoor experience is where you are sitting, not what you are sitting on.

This table and chair set is ideal for a more casual setting. The table is a very fresh looking design, with comfortable chairs and a summer parasol. This is an ideal dining set for a small space.

The square table is made from a tubular steel frame with a tempered glass top. The corners of the table have been rounded and these smooth curves are reflected in the neat and sturdy leg supports. The table is 36.5” by 36.5”. The tempered glass has been manufactured with a hole for an umbrella and the glass is opaque, which compliments the powder-coating of the steel frame.

The four chairs are high-backed with arm rests. They are constructed from the same powder coated steel, and the seat and chair backs are made of sling fabric. Color choices for the fabric are beige or khaki. The chairs can easily be folded when not in use and for storage.

The umbrella that comes with this dining set is also beige or khaki as the chairs and is made from a polyester fabric. The support is powder-coated steel. The umbrella is fairly heavy and can be difficult to operate / open. The opening mechanism is not crank controlled. Although some images show an umbrella stand, there is NOT a stand included in this folding patio furniture set.

Due to the construction fabrics used in this terrace dining set it would be appropriate to store the umbrella and chairs inside or under-cover when not in use to prevent weather damage.

The table requires erection when it is delivered and is fairly straightforward, although lifting the glass into position would require two people.


I’m now off to watch the rain bouncing off the yard outside and smell the air. Weird but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Bye for now


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