Multi Purpose Patio

Family life, well any life of co-existing, involves a lot of sharing – of space, of stuff, of conversation time.

For example – sharing who has the remote control to pick the next TV program, sharing the bathroom (don’t get me started on that disaster… ok, as you ask)

There are 3 rules to using the bathroom…

SHARE – others need it too so don’t hog the mirror or have a three hour shower

CARE – clean up, tidy up, respect the space

USER BEWARE – Ideal world when care has been done, but with kids… need I say more.

Digression over

There are lots of things in the house that need sharing.

Due to the size of our not very big patio (she laughs… more like junk yard) and the multiple uses people expect from it, we have had to get a bit boring and schedule outdoor time. I guess it’s a bit like a mini time-share kind of thing.

Mondays – drying the washing, Tuesday – toddler plays diggers, Wednesday – elder son plays swing ball (tennis on a rope tied to a pole) Thursday – mum sitting on bench, etc, etc. This works great until your day happens to be the rain day.

As another digression, do you know how often it rains on a Thursday?


Go on.

More often than not it turns out. And guess which mug has got Thursdays!

Anyways, back to the rules of patio time-share.

You get your own stuff out from where-ever you hide it, use it and then at the end of your allocated time you put it to the edge of the ‘zone’ – back where it belongs.

Now that’s ok if you just have a couple of plastic toy diggers, but I’m left hauling my bench across the yard – chasing the sun.

If only you could get a folding wooden bench…

And as if by magic, another garden furniture review appears (click the box below to find out more about a folding wooden garden bench)

I’m now off to have a bath. Hopefully they’ll be some hot water left. Ahhh.. Icy. Lovely.

Bye for now


Traditional Acacia Wood Bench with Curved Back

This traditional acacia wood bench with curved back is beautiful, comfortable and also cunningly practical as it can easily be folded for storage…

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