Metallic Wind Chime with Relaxing Melody

Wind chimes are one of those love / hate kind of things. They start out being relaxing and pretty, but eventually they just become twinkly and annoying – every note grating on your nerves. Before too long your image of relaxing musical notes drifting across the garden has become finger-nails being scraped down an old style school, chalk-board…

There’s a reason why this happens and it’s to do with musical scales and note-pairs.

Most wind chimes are just pieces of metal or wood that have been roughly tuned, but not necessarily to any known musical scale or notes. They are hung together, usually in a circle of deepening note sounds. Although this might seem logical, what it actually means is that as the wind moves the central hammer from one area to another, it is hitting random pairs of notes that will annoy and destroy your peace.

The answer is a ‘tuned’ woodchime…

  • The chimes have been perfectly tuned to the first 8 notes of Amazing Grace. When the the central hammer taps against the tubes, it plays small pieces of this well known, and relaxing, hymn.
  • Any combination of neighboring chimes struck together will always be melodic
  • This is a Woodstock chime (one of the best makers of chimes). It has been designed by Garry Kvistad, award-winning musician and instrument designer
  • The aluminium and cherry finish, ash wood chime has a total length of 24 inches

For a truly tranquil and melodic wind-chime, order your Woodstock chime now by clicking on the red button.

This chime is perfect as a background to any relaxation or meditation. The tuneful notes bringing a peace and serenity as the wind blows.

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