Lawn Chairs and Rabbit Holes

I went exploring a rabbit warren today… merrily following twists and turns without much care as to where I went… trying to find my own version of ‘Wonderland’.

I think you might have done so yourself now and again. It’s easily done and starts out so innocently.

You are looking up something on the internet such as ‘how to cook a chicken’ and you end up buying a brand new sports-car when you don’t even know how to drive!

(If I’ve lost you already then read ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and know that a rabbit lives underground in a maze-like home filled with twisting tunnels called a warren.)

Anyways… today I went down my own rabbit warren.

I saw a picture of an old style metal outdoor chair and thought “I like that. I wonder what it is called so I can try and find one.”

So, I type ‘metal chair’ into my computer and end up with lists of things that weren’t what I was after. I look at images to see if I can see what I want. I find something similar so click on the picture in the hope of finding a name, and then I find out some other kind of trivial – which I type into the computer and get an even more unrelated list of stuff and…




Eventually I think the one question that I am terribly bored of in this house of a toddler…


And so I go off hunting in a totally different direction, discovering all sorts of things I never knew before and never wanted to either.

A couple of hours later, looking like an excited teenager, my husband is greeted with the great news that:-

“I’ve found a book that I absolutely must have. It is incredible and will be so useful. I don’t know how I lived without it.”

The book… oh, it is really awesome.

‘A History of the Metal Lawn Chair… What we Know Now’ by Skip Torrans. Click on the picture below to find out more.

For the next hour or so I explained to my husband and children that this book is awesome, that renovating metal lawn chairs would be a perfect business for me to pursue, that you really wouldn’t know there were so many different styles of lawn chair without such a book, and , and, I dived further and further down my rabbit warren until I ran headfirst into another rabbit.

His name is ‘Get a Grip’.

‘Get a Grip’ is also known as my husband who declares for all the world to hear…

“So this is what happens to metallurgy engineers when they haven’t worked for a while. They want to buy random books about ‘stuff’?”


Sorry Mr Torrans, I won’t be sneaking your book into my house quite yet!

So, the point of this is that there are hundreds of styles of outdoor furniture, in all types of material and all colors. There are modern designs, vintage, renovated, old-as-the-hills.

If you are looking to buy outdoor furniture, may I suggest that you go off on a journey down your own rabbit warren, hunting for your own special Garden Wonderland.

After all, garden furniture is something you rarely buy yet you live with it for years so it’s worth taking your time and worth getting right.

I’m now off to try and find my way back to the surface of this rabbit hole, and maybe take a detour or two on the way 😉

Bye for now


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