How to Stop the Point Sinking In

If you want to avoid my waffle, and get straight to the point (pun intended) click below to view some up-side-down coasters to spread the weight a little on your lawn.

Many years ago I got to be bridesmaid to my sister. I remember this day for one thing… shoes.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a ‘shoe’ person. I have two pairs – both comfy. One for outside and one for inside. End of!

The Wedding

It was the first time that I had worn shoes with a heel, or at least those tiny stiletto heels. Personally I would have preferred deck shoes but because we all had to look the same, we all had to have the same shoes. Everyone else was a lot older than me and wanted heels – so they would look taller and more graceful in the photos. So heels it was.

For two weeks before the wedding you would find me marching, shuffling and wobbling around the house in my stupid shoes. I worked out quite quickly that if I ignored the heel and walked on tip-toe it was much easier (and more importantly no-one noticed!)

The great day arrived.

At the church we walked behind my sister to the front. All stately and gorgeous. Our shoes clunked and tapped their way up the brick tiled aisle behind her, with the sound echoing off the old building.

As we went, we carefully stepped over the old, ornate iron grates which covered the access to the tombs beneath. Although that’s not technically correct… Two of us stepped over them. The other’s heal slipped perfectly into an ornate hole but wouldn’t slip back out. So, it got left behind for my Aunt to rescue during the service.

Afterwards, with all of us reunited with our footwear, we stood for ages for the photos, on the damp grass, while the photographer tried so hard to get every perfect shot.

The ladies gradually got shorter and shorter as their heels sank into the soft ground. I was still standing on my toes and not putting any weight on my heel at all.

When the photos were printed, my sister and her two bridesmaids were short and all leaning slightly backwards. But as for me, with no weight on my heels, I was the tallest of them all.


But what has this to do with garden furniture?

Well, the same thing can happen to your chair legs on grass as happened to our shoes. Gradually you sink into the soil beneath.

If all four legs sink the same, at least you are still stable, but when it’s the back two, or side two, then a fall is not so far away.

You could try these upside down coasters under each foot to help re-distribute the weight.


Or you could just get some new chairs, like a traditionally styled lawn chair. As the name suggests, they are made for sitting on a lawn. And so, designed to get rid of the points on the bottom of the legs.

This rather fun looking red dining set has been reviewed, by yours truly, below. Why not have a read?

As for me, I’m now off to the shops. Ahhh. Can’t find my only pair of outdoor shoes – toddler does like to move them! Perhaps it’s time to get another pair?

Bye for now


Traditional Styled Tubular Steel Lawn Chairs and Matching Table, with Red Seating

This is a fun and entertaining garden dining set which consists of two traditional styled tubular steel lawn chairs and matching table, with red seating…

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