Hitting the High Notes

I had a day that was a bit like any day everyone has now and again. I’m sure that you’ve had something similar happen.

One minute you are walking home from taking the children to school thinking about the shopping and tonight’s dinner…

and the next minute you have remembered the day you swallowed a fly whilst singing a particular high note that you never had a chance of hitting.

So, the question is

How did my brain take such a turn?

Well, let’s start at the very beginning.

I used to spend my school holidays with my Aunt who lived in Wells, Somerset. (For tourist information, Wells is the smallest Cathedral city in the U.K. and well worth a visit.) We would walk into the city center along a wooded pathway which was a perfect place for wild garlic to grow. At certain times of the year the scent can be pretty over-powering even though the flower is delicately pretty.

My Aunt and I were both lovers of stage musicals and we would spend most of our times singing together when walking or in the car. I can’t remember the exact song, but that day I was determined to hit that final note. We were never shy, or tuneful for that matter, so we blasted out our songs, full throttle.

After several failed attempts I decided to have one last go. We stopped walking so that I could draw on every breath I had to screech out that note. I inhaled deeply, paused, opened my mouth to begin that perfect sound when a fly flew directly into my mouth and down my gaping throat. My final note was never realized. Instead it was more of a choking, coughing, strangled sound.

My Aunt, being the sympathetic kind, fell over laughing into the garlic flowers, asking if I wanted horse or dog for dinner. (if you don’t understand the reference look at the ps below)

Anyways, back to the story…

So, when walking home from school today, the scent of the wild garlic flowers made it’s way to my brain where a memory was re-ignited and I found myself remembering that ‘perfect’ note – and the difficulty of getting my Aunt out of the shrubbery.

I’m now off to listen to some old stage musicals – West Side Story tonight, I think. Watch out family – I think some singing is well over-due!!!!

Bye for now


ps. “There was an old Lady who swallowed a fly…” children’s song… rather fun and ends in death… worth a look up!


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