Garden Travel Sickness

It is said that ‘Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere.’

Now I understand the idea and theory BUT as a lover of rocking chairs I hate this saying. It gives us rockers a bad name – like no rocker has ever had bad press sometime.

Why is it so necessary to always be ‘going somewhere’ anyway?

After all, surely one of the greatest joys of this thing called life is to sit still a while (or as still as you can while rocking) and take time to smell the roses, or lilacs, or orchids… If you can’t enjoy the now then what’s the point.

OK, so people get a bit stereo-type about rocking chairs, but there’s no solid data to support such a point of view…

And yes, I did nurse my children in them,

and I do sit and sew in them,

and the cat does love to sleep on them,

and although I don’t play guitar and sing the blues – my toddler plays his ukulele and sings ‘wheels on the bus’ on them.

Hmmm… Me thinks I am loosing the ‘stereo-type’ argument here.

Moving on!

People (generalized statement – obviously!) “people” don’t get all negative and anti about another form of swinging chair that gets you no-where.

I am, of course, talking about swing seats.

(Not hammocks – that’s a whole other area of weirdness and stereo-type images.)

You know the sort – those big ones you have in the garden that are like a sofa hanging from a wobbly frame by dubious chain supports.

Everyone likes those, or at least are intrigued by them – and if you want proof just lurk around the outdoor furniture section of your local garden center for a while.

The observant ones of you will notice that many people will pass the said swing seat on display, stop, take a couple of paces backwards, look over each shoulder for any watching salesmen and then sneak a sit, a rock, a relax on the thing – even though it says not to – on a large piece of unmissable, strong printed card – in red – with flashing lights and neon arrows pointing at it.

(This is purely to cover the garden center on health and safety in case it breaks, you fall off or trap a finger or other such nonsense).

In short, no-one can resist the pull (or push ha ha) of a garden swing. And that includes my Grannie. Although we soon learnt that if we rocked the swing seat quite viciously as she sat next to us, intruding OUR space, she would eventually get off claiming that she was feeling a little unwell.

My mum was so good at this that I sometimes wondered if she was trying to lunch aforementioned Grannie off the swing seat and into the adjacent fish-pond.


Surely not…


Anyways, as I was saying…

Next time you have the urge to amble around a garden center, and let’s be honest here – who doesn’t – then have a watch at the number of people who blatantly ignore the warning signs just to have a little rock on an adult sized comfortable swing.

If it was a rocking chair, though, everyone would laugh at that. The very cheek.

I’m now off to see if I can squeeze in the gap on MY rocking chair next to the cat, in the sun, so that I can carry on with crocheting my multi-colored blanket from scraps of wool, while I chew on a piece of hay…

Bye for now


ps. And if you are still in the anti-rocker club, let me remind you of the lyrics to a popular song… “I’ll live in luxury there, in my old-fashioned chair, with my old-fashioned millionaire'”… so there old fashioned rocking-chair haters…

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