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Here at ‘Best for the Garden’, we want to help you every step of the way along the journey to choosing your perfect piece of garden furniture.

Patio Dining Table and Chair Set Reviews

There are times when you are in need of a more formal space in the garden.
Times such as wining, dining and entertaining;
Times of studying, writing love letters or working on your laptop or notebook;
Times of playing cards until the early hours and talking with friends;
Times of young adults chatting together and snacking by the pool.
For all these times, an outdoor dining set consisting of table and chairs is a great choice.

There are literally hundreds of styles to choose from with various table shapes, chair shapes, fabrics, etc. etc. Click on this link to read reviews of a variety of different types of dining table sets.

Garden Parasols and Patio Umbrella Reviews

As much as we all enjoy the sunshine, we all also know the harm that exposure to the sun can cause our skin.

To reduce this risk, it is worth having some shade over your garden furniture, especially if you plan on sitting out on it for long periods of time.

Some shade is static – like awnings and wooden structures – but a parasol or umbrella is easy to move around which makes it more useful when you want to change where you sit.

These days, there are lots of designs to choose from plain to fun shapes, different fabrics, all sorts of colors, different pole arrangements and various parasol opening methods. Click the button to see a list of a variety of parasol reviews.

Garden Swing Seat Reviews

There is something very relaxing about sitting in the garden and gently swinging back and for. Looking out over the view and enjoying the breeze and the sunshine.

For this you need a garden swing seat. These tend to be on a self-supporting stand so can be put anywhere in your outdoor space – by the pool, on the patio or in the garden.

Most have 2 or 3 seats. The framework tends to be metal or wood, and the seat might be of the same material or of a fabric.

Other options include cushions and sun-shade canopies – please see reviews of different types of garden swings by clicking the green box.

Garden Bench Reviews

A garden bench is perhaps one of the more practical and functional types of garden furniture. Often chosen for the fact that they are ‘just a place to sit’ rather than any other reasons.

It’s not surprising, then, that the so-called best sellers tend to be a bit same-old same-old.

And yet…

There are so many unique, interesting and beautiful bench designs available if you look about a bit.

Spare a thought for the designer and creator of some of these, oft over-looked, garden benches and perhaps you will never see them as ‘just somewhere to sit’ ever again!

Sun Lounger Chair Reviews

For those days when you just want to sit back and put your feet up, to snooze in the fresh air or read a book, there is nothing as peaceful and relaxing as a sun-lounger.

There are several different types, even though the first thing that will probably come into your mind is a folding metal frame with either canvas seating or removal cushions.

But these days, you can have any type of material – from wood to rattan weave.

Some fold, some don’t and some are even suspended from a support stand rather than standing on the ground.

When it comes to sun-loungers, there’s something to suit every budget and every style.

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