For a Perfect Wedding Photo use a Brown Wicker Bench with Foot Stool

There is a ‘lovely’ photograph of me, thankfully in a box in my parents roof space, sitting on a bench with my sister at my Grandma’s second wedding.

The reason why it is so ‘delightful’ is that we had the sun glaring into our eyes and everyone was telling us to look up and smile.

This did not, however, have any effect. Nor did the bride of extra ice-cream.

Our faces were firmly fixed – one in a scowl and the other in a grimace.

Why would we be so on such a happy day…

Why indeed?

The reason is that we were sitting on something that I like to call ‘Sick Bench Syndrome’.

I’m sure you know what I mean.

This tired old piece of junk, I mean furniture, is made of wooden planks, screwed or nailed onto a rusty old metal set of legs which might even have an arm-rest if you are (un)lucky.

Some of the planks will have come loose and so wobble as you sit of them. Others have faded and peeled and have large, lead-painted splinters sticking out at all angles – although the most common angle will be into your legs and posterior.

Lean back on this torture seat and if you are lucky it will topple over backwards. You’ll end up flat on your back on the ground with your legs sticking up in the air – but you will be far more comfortable.

This Sick Bench Syndrome, can, of course be avoided.

With annual love, care and attention you can keep it looking and feeling vaguely like the glorious bench that it once was.

But however you care for it, it will always be just a few humble planks of wood screwed together onto a couple of metal legs.

You might not get splinters but after a few moments you will end up with a numb posterior instead.

Thankfully, there is an even better solution.

Buy yourself a bench with a modern design, like the one in the link below.

This is a beautiful wicker effect bench with a luxurious thick cushion upon it. The bench has a matching box stored beneath the seat.

But this isn’t just any box, oh no by golly, it’s a footstool.

Wait, there’s more…

Inside this footstool is stored another luxurious thick cushion to go on the footstool.

In short, this is a perfect place to collapse into at the end of a stressful day – or at the end of any day really.

Or even for having your photo taken at a sunny wedding.

I’m now off to hunt out the photos of my brother at the same wedding. The look on his face and the suit they dressed him in is absolutely priceless.

Bye for now


Brown Wicker Outdoor Bench Seat with Matching Foot Stool

For truly luxurious relaxing in the garden, this brown wicker outdoor bench seat with matching foot stool is hard to beat…

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