A Little Black Dress for the Garden

Every woman knows (and a lot of men) that a clothing closet is not complete without at least one Little Black Dress (LBD) in it.


Because that’s what we are told.

Just kidding…

It’s to do with being able to use that one item of clothing for any occasion.

Add a fancy pair of shoes and necklace and it’s evening wear; add a throw or wrap for day-wear; flat shoes and sensible ear-rings and you have work-wear; etc. etc.

A couple of years ago I remember hearing that every woman actually needed a little orange dress. A season later and the LBD was back and even more important than ever.

Not that I know anything about fashion. I’ve been wearing the same style of top and exactly same style of trousers for years now. So the size changes (I blame childbirth but I think it’s more to do with cake). Now and then I’ll try a new color, only to go back to the old color again as soon as I can.

I digress…

The LBD resists time even though clothes fashions flip in and out at seemingly regular intervals – think mini, long length, knee-length, flares, mini, etc.

So to remain fashionable your choices are to keep something for ten years until it comes back around or buy lots of clothes and often. (My understanding is that a lot of women choose the second option!!!)

That’s ok with clothes but what about something a little bigger such as, say, a garden dining table or sun-lounger?

The answer to remaining fashionable…

You could buy something very ‘in season’ and live with something outdated for the next ten years

You could buy a replacement every year – phew!

Or you could, quite simply, go for the LBD of the garden.

The sun lounger below is a typical yet classy LBD – black with a hint of silver sophistication. If you want to ‘season’ it up a bit, just add a cushion, throw or funky sun umbrella.

It will go with anything. Great poolside, under the shade of a tree or by the house. Where-ever you use it, the garden LBD will compliment your designs perfectly.

Click on the link below to read my amazing review.

I’m now off to see if I actually have an LBD in my closet. Nope. Thought not. Who knew. Just shows that you can survive 40+ years without one.

Bye for now


Stylish yet Traditional Reclining Garden Sun Lounger

This stylish yet traditional reclining garden sun lounger in black and silver grey will bring a touch of modern sophistication to any outdoor area…

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